Seminar: Information-flow Interfaces

The recording of the seminar "Information-flow Interfaces", held on 19th April 2022 is now available. A special thank to Ana Oliveira da Costa from Technische Universität Wien and Dejan Nickovic from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH for the presentation....

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Talk: H2020 Research Project FOCETA – Foundations for Continuous Engineering of Trustworthy Autonomy

Applications are increasingly being developed based on complex autonomous systems driven by artificial intelligence. As smart robots are starting to replace humans in complicated or dangerous tasks on the road, in industry, or hospitals, their safety, autonomy, and trustworthiness are the subjects of concern. This is due to the increasing complexity of deployments, especially those of learned-enabled systems, not easily traced by continuous engineering (DevOps). The EU-funded H2020 FOCETA project plans to develop the foundation for continuous engineering of trustworthy learning-enabled autonomous systems integrating data-driven and model-based engineering. In this talk, I will highlight some of the research challenges that the project team tries to tackle together with some early reflections, including specification,  V&V techniques, training, and runtime monitoring.

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Talk: Ethics and Trustworthy Autonomy

“Ethical aspects and recommendations for trustworthy highly automated/autonomous systems” Erwin Schoitsch, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology Time: April 23, 2021  9 am (CET) Location: The talk will be held remotely (will be updated accordingly when invitation is...

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FOCETA Kick-off Meeting

The FOCETA kick-off meeting was hosted virtually over the two days of 19th and 20th of October 2020. The first day introduced partners to each other and to the work packages. The second day was devoted to technical discussions around the contents of each work package....

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