D1.3 Formal specification for learning-enabled autonomous systems:download

D3.1 Report: Systematic and coverage-driven testing of learning components: download

D3.3 Report: AI-enabled systematic and intelligent testing of autonomous systems: download

D3.4 Report: Early validation result WP3:download

D4.1 Report: Provable safe reinforcement learning:download

D4.4 Report: Understanding decision faithfulness of machine learning components: download

D4.5 Report: Early validation result WP4:download

D6.1 Dissemination Action Plan including project corporate identity:download

D6.3 Dissemination set (poster, leaflet, Kakemono) and Website:download

D6.4 Project newsletter 1: download

D6.5 Project newsletter 2: download

D6.8 Report on workshop #1 organisation:download